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Thursday, December 30, 2010


So, today and yesterday have started out decent, not the mention last night was pretty fun. Snow makes everything happy-go-lucky. And then today, I get to sit here, very reminiscent of Tuesday, where I sat around being ignored for a game. Wohoo. Haha, yeah it's the most fun ever. Trust me on this one (: Anyway, Victoria. I love that girl, she makes me laugh. She is a lot like me but we are different, but alike, so the point still stands. She's finally getting herself off of her Jake Addiction, which is good. he's a waste of space and doesn't deserve to even have a spot in her mind.
All the world is screaming at me, stop, stop, stop, go.
All the voice laughing at me, yes, yes, yes, yes, no.
I realized last night as well that I needed to be better. I need to be more willing to compromise and make Darrin happier, and be more interested in things that he does. So, I agreed that we could go to his friend's New Years Eve Party. I figured that would be a nice first step, but I do have my limits. I'm really not one who likes to be put aside, especially when you say you aren't going to do something and then you do. I get it, it's what you do, sure. But still. .I mean can we at least pay a little attention here? That's not to much to ask right? But I'm not going to start any crap because that's pointless and will merely result in a fight, which I think we've fought enough over his stupid games.
No one said it would be easy did they? Being better never is, everyone knows that. But I shouldn't be the only one compromising, i mean I gave up my Tuesday to hang out with you and your friends, and then my Thursday as well? Just because it isn't a group of people all doing it doesn't make it okay. I don't think I'm overreacting. He knows how I feel about it, he knows full well. But hey, whatever. He'll do his things, I'll do mine. The end.

Moral of the story
Boys suck.

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  1. hehe love you to girl :) and its a good addiction to over come :p and yes boys to suck. not worth it honestly