What a horrible thing it is to think that a person is ever more than just a person. The world is full of people who are constantly imagining and constantly being misimagined.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Years

So, this new year is my year and my world. I hold it at the edge of my fingertips and it feels SO good. Being pissed off and rebellious if overrated, I'm going to be freakin' happy and love my life
Lead, follow, or get out of my. Watch out world, I'm coming through, nothing can stop me now. Hope is high and I'm going to cling to it, tie every string to it, give everything to it. How I'll do it who can say, but I know I will someday.Watch out world I'm on my way, nothing can stop me now.

Smile, baby, smile (: It looks good on you.

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